1. Country of Eight Islands

  2. Scintillating Scumbag

  3. Cancer and The Princess Suite

  4. Of Atheists and Lovers Redux

  5. The Virgin Mary Dance Club

  6. Stash House

  7. Extended Play 1

  8. In on the Exorcism

  9. Fight!/Make Up to Break Up

  10. Barbaric--The Early Years, Volume One

  11. Lipstick Liars and Three-Piece Deniers

  12. Hearts and Minds

  13. Automonotonous E.P.

  14. Stop E.P.
    Illegal Wiretaps

  15. I-W + A + S (Box Cutter E.P.)

  16. Drones in Love E.P.

  17. Never

  18. How I Want to Be Remembered E.P.

  19. Believe in Ghosts E.P.

  20. Lamprophony E.P.

  21. Fragments of Diaries Slipping Through My Fingers

  22. Welted Inscriptions E.P.

  23. For Now We Say Goodbye E.P.

  24. Edward Snowden's Unkept Secrets--An In-Flight Mixtape, Volume One

  25. Casiotopia III

  26. Before You Finish Your Sentence E.P.

  27. Channelview, Texas E.P.

  28. Moloch

  29. Casiotopia II

  30. Leering E.P.

  31. The Monolith

  32. Gehenna Blues

  33. Scapegoat

  34. Too Much Happiness E.P.

  35. Beauti E.P.

  36. Colonizing the Mines Volume I: Unreleased Tracks 02/23/1997

  37. Yay Commie! :D

  38. Inevitable Goodbye (Prologue)

  39. To the Lighthouse E.P.

  40. He's Got Oedipus Rex Eyes (Deluxe Edition)

  41. Symphonies for Susan (Denton Texas Was Heaven Until We Left Paradise's Gates without Doing Anything Wrong)

  42. Wiretapping the Wiretappers: A Winter Collection of Music from Wiretap Records
    The Illegal Wiretaps with Jandiel Johnstek, Synthia Segovia, Drones in Love, and Negative Tapes

  43. The Illegal Wiretaps Present Seroquel Serenades Featuring Synthia Segovia

  44. 美しい娼婦

  45. Dulcetta

  46. Pretty Suede Coffin E.P.

  47. Projection E.P.

  48. Suicide

  49. A Rat's Eye View: B-Sides and Other Oddities from 2012

  50. Sonora, Texas E.P.

  51. Cold Was Her Embrace

  52. Partial Hospitalization Program E.P.

  53. The Inevitable Goodbye

  54. Brookshire, Texas E.P.

  55. Excellence at the End of the World--Best Tracks of 2012

  56. Lithium Sunshine

  57. Jesus,You've Abandoned Us

  58. Near Dark

  59. You Are Not My Type

  60. American Family Radio, Vol. 2: Consensual Rape and Todd Akin's Magical Science

  61. Promises

  62. Monaville, Texas E.P. (Deluxe Edition)

  63. Venus and Adonis

  64. Venus Colony, Section Alpha-0110110

  65. Somnia Sessions #3: Ideas and Fragments Left to Rot (B-Sides)

  66. Live at Pik-N-Pak, July 1992

  67. Casiotopia

  68. The Antipathy Waltzes

  69. American Family Radio, Volume One

  70. Factory

  71. Psycho Nancy

  72. Am Unstable

  73. Jesus, What Have You Done?

  74. Somnia Sessions--Volume 2: Indefatigable Memories

  75. Wilder Shores of Love

  76. Somnia Sessions--Volume One: The Disambien Remixes (OOP)

  77. Of Atheists and Lovers

  78. A Secret I Can't Decode


Illegal Wiretaps Houston, Texas

Fond of field recordings and unsettling ambient sounds, we seek sounds that stretch our aural comprehension. Soon, we will release a sixty-song album to overstate our pretentiousness. We are also cute like a rain-soaked stray dog locking eyes on you, forcing you to search your conscience for a reason not to adopt us.

Stephan Wyatt: Bass, Keyboards, Programming, Vocals
Anthony June: Guitars/Mixing
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